UEFA Champions League


    UEFA Champions League

    Postitamine by leblanc on 22nd Juuli 2009, 11:43

    Excuse me to disturb you, but I would like to ask you for a favour.

    I am a old boy who collect used entrance tickets of European Cup games.
    As I can not travel all around Europe for all the games who are played, I would be very very happy if you could help me with my collection by sending after the game some tickets (or VIP, INVITATIONS..) of LEVADIA v WISLA in the Champions League 09/10.

    All others tickets of your team are welcome too.

    GOOD LUCK to "LEVADIA" in UEFA Champions League and Championship.

    Thank you very , very much in advance for you help with my collection.

    I hope to receive a letter from you in the near future.

    Kinds regards

    My adress is :

    4300 WAREMME

    Please write me in english if possible

    Email: leblanc_tickets@yahoo.fr

    Re: UEFA Champions League

    Postitamine by КиШ on 22nd Juuli 2009, 14:25

    I can send you one ticket... UEFA CUP 2003/2004 FC TVMK - ODENSE BK Cool

    FC TVMK FOREVER!!!! Very Happy

      22nd Jaanuar 2019, 16:25