Forum Rules


    Forum Rules

    Postitamine by Alarikh on 1st Mai 2009, 21:58

    Forum Rules.

    Welcome to FC Levadia Tallinn Supporters Forum.

    Before you join the forum and start posting, please make sure you are familiar with Forum Rules.

    1. Estonian, Russian and English are the main languages here. Any member of the Forum can use any of these languages freely in any topic. In case there is some confusion or misunderstandings happening due to the fact that the Forum is multi-lingual we encourage posters not to make a big deal out someone’s lack of knowledge of any of these languages – but ask someone to translate the necessary post instead.

    2. When in Rome behave as the Romans do. The Forum has been created in order to give all supporters of Levadia an opportunity to communicate and discuss Leavadia-related topics in a calm and friendly environment. Supporters of other clubs are also welcome to join unless they violate any of the Rules of the Forum. HOWEVER if certain posts of Levadia fans are not very friendly towards your favourite club you may have to accept that, since this is a Levadia community. Our fellow Levadia supporters freely expressing their views and opinions is our priority. Trying not to hurt some of our oversensitive rivals’ feelings is not.

    3. The following shall be strictly prohibited and may result in an instant ban without a warning:
    •using excessive foul language,
    •offending any person due to his/her ethnicity, beliefs and views, as well as choice of language when posting on this Forum,
    •submitting obviously provocative posts,
    •disrespecting or categorically demanding the change of these Rules.

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